Dependable Nursing & Staffing Agency - your journey to better health

We, at Dependable Nursing and Staffing Agency are committed to providing reliable and perceptive nurse staffing.  We maintain excellence, respect and most of all integrity in all aspects of our healthcare operations.    We exude  professionalism in our business with one  mind-set— the well-being of our patients and clients.

With this mission, our actions convey our purpose as a company.

•We create distinction, not only to thrive as a business entity,  but to focus on the human value of compassion, care and service.

•We are inspired by your trust.  You are our passion.

•We embody and deliver our credo “To be the most dependable nursing & staffing agency dedicated to good health and good  life.”

As a Nursing & Staffing Agency  we recognize the fiduciary duty of care principles, which require our managers and workforce to emanate the same care an ordinary prudent person would exercise under similar circumstances, strictly paramount in the current business climate.

Dependable Nursing & Staffing Agency is committed to promoting the high standards of business ethics and accountability - this is the core of our business responsibility.   We are compliant with all requirements unique to the healthcare industry, and our programs are consistent with ongoing federal and state business requirements and initiatives.