With Dependable Nursing & Staffing Agency, LLC., you have access to the right personnel.

We’re able to quickly and cost effectively fill your staffing requests with the right skilled and reliable personnel.




Our comprehensive pre-employment screening process includes verification, certification, background checks, HIPAA and OSHA Training.

Whether you have a staffing emergency that needs immediate attention or want to plan ahead and ensure you always have coverage, need a full time employee or just someone to fill-in for the day, we are here to work with you and your staffing needs.

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We make the on-boarding process fast and easy with Account Manager and Schedule Coordinator ready 24/7 to facilitate a new Client Agreement.

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Fill Every Shift Period

We are committed to filling all your open shifts as fast as possible. As soon as we know of an opening, DNSA will email, call and text your available shifts to our network or local credentialed professionals waiting and looking for work.

We Do It For YOU

You no longer have to incur recruitment fees and advertising costs or spend hours reviewing résumé and processing HR documents.